The French Glasshouse

Why Should You Buy French Art Glass?

We all deserve to have a little bit of art in our world. Whether a small piece of Daum that you place in a cabinet or a large piece of Galle that forms a striking piece on a desk; art brings joy into our lives. Art glass, like Daum, Galle, Lalique or Argy-Rousseau, combines a range of artistic techniques together and uses light, or the lack of, to create texture, colour and depth.

You might want to buy Daum, due to the delicate enamel techniques creating picturesque landscapes which truly evoke the warmth of a sunrise. Those who like to buy Galle, appreciate the, almost purer, interplay of glass and light. Small pieces of Galle and Daum can be bought for less than thousand pounds, but the elaborate and intricate pieces can be worth hundreds of thousands.

Some people buy Galle or buy Daum or buy Lalique due to an affinity for Art Nouveau or Art Deco stylings. Some people might buy Art Deco as it has a very contemporary feel, well suited for open plan modern styled interiors. Those who buy Art Nouveau styled art generally find them well suited to cosy homes filled with natural woods and materials.

And of course, some people buy French Art Glass because they think it looks nice and they just want to add it to their collection!