Art Is Collectibility - A Price Comparison

As a fresh starter to the online art world we have to ask ourselves. What value do we bring to  customers wishing to purchase our art? The art we sell, at the moment, came from art glass studios that produced multiple copies of individual styles and scenes. They are akin to prints in the fine art world. Even so, Galle & Daum are the Monet & Van Gogh of the glass art world; it would be fair to say that these pieces of art are still currently undervalued and recent auction estimates and sales are showing a steady uptick in the prices of Galle particularly.

A recent Christies auction (June 7th 2017) sees some industrially made Galle lamps reach around USD$300,000.

It's important to note, just like any piece of art, that rarity and technique are not the only definers of value. The aesthetic beauty of a piece plays into its value just as much. The white elephant Galle vase, as seen from the Christies auction, realised a value of USD$125,000 whilst the traditional green and black elephant Galle vase only realised a value of USD$56,000. Initially this could be misattributed to a downwards trend on the value of the more common but highly recognisable green and black elephant Galle vase. But I think it's more fair to attribute the lower than normal sale due to the lack of clear definition in the piece. The reason for this lack of definition will be covered in a future blog post but, suffice to say, that a perfectly executed glass vase with clear lines and concise colour can command up to fifty percent more than a sloppily produced vase with soft lines and mis-aligned colours.

Comparison between two Elephant VasesThe above image is a comparison between two different Galle Elephant vases. Within the red circle you can see the clear difference between the definition of the two pieces. The lack of definition in the Christies piece becomes more obvious the more you look. The feet, the trunks, tusks, etc. The colour in the Christies piece is very strong, verging on too strong. The green accents at the top of the piece are washed out with yellow. The piece on the right could maybe do with a touch more yellow but at least the design at the top is nice and crisp with bright colours.

So, what does this mean for our customers at The French Glasshouse?

We endeavour to satisfy our customers needs on several fronts. Value, Quality & Service.

We aim to not only be cheaper than auction houses but also other retailers.  We take more than 30 photos of each piece which are compiled together to create an interactive object allowing you to assess every facet of the item. We endeavour to have clear zoomable photos ensuring that every decision is an easy one. We also guarantee the authenticity and condition of every piece. None are restored or damaged.

Since there is no middle man, you deal with us directly, we handle every piece of art that is for sale on our website. When you make an enquiry with us you are speaking to us directly. We pride ourselves on not playing games with our customers. The prices we give are the best prices we can do. We do not price our art to accommodate haggling as we believe that is unfair to our customers when all they want is a spectacular piece of art.

So have a browse through our ever growing catalogue of fine cameo art glass and, whether you decide to purchase something or not, we hope you enjoy looking and you will visit us again in the future.

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