The French Glasshouse - About Us

Who are we?

The French Glasshouse is primarily a collaborative partnership between two well known art dealers. World renowned for the quality of our pieces of art, we guarantee all pieces to be genuine and in excellent condition.

We hope we can be of excellent service to you.

When did we start?

Whilst this site is a relatively new venture the shop behind the store, The French Glasshouse, was established in 1982 in Antiquarius in Chelsea, London. The French Glasshouse also held branches in Chenil Galleries and Kensington Church Street until 2008 when Antiquarius closed.

How do we know everything is genuine?

The short answer is experience. The team behind The French Glasshouse has a combined experience of over 100 years. We have handled thousands of rare genuine items. We have advised major auction houses as to the authenticity of art for decades.

If you would like to learn some key principles that can help you spot a fake from an original we recommend you have a read through some of our blog What Is Art?, specifically articles on Authenticity.

Where do we obtain our art from?

We get it from all over the world. We search high and low. 95% of out stock does not come from auction or online but bought in what is known as cold-blood. We traverse markets, travel to small villages and rely on contacts and relationships built up over the 40 or so years we have been dealing with art. Finding this art is our lives. Selling it is the easy part.


Don't hesitate to use this contact form to send us any queries. If you have any pieces of glass art that you would like to sell please send us a message with your details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.