Genuine Daum Wisteria Vase
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Genuine Daum Wisteria Vase Authentic Daum Wisteria Vase - The French Glasshouse Authentic Daum Wisteria Vase - The French Glasshouse

Genuine Daum Wisteria Vase

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A highly decorative large size cameo Daum vase with prominent wisteria. This vase is made by layering different coloured glasses together whilst hot. After all the layers are cooled a design is painted on the glass using acid resistant paint. The vase is then exposed to a highly corrosive acid which will eat through the differing layers of glass exposing the alternating colours that lie beneath. This piece uses this method to create all the contrasting colours to great effect.

  • Signed Daum Nancy 

  • Guaranteed Genuine

  • Height x Width x Depth + Base diameter
    19.0cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm + 6.0cm

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